Someone somewhere once told me that if I wasn’t making 10k months, I wasn’t doing enough.

I was failing.
I was “dabbling”.
I wasn’t really committed.

But who am I kidding, I know exactly who said that and exactly where those beliefs were placed on me. Where they were drilled into my head as what measures success as an Entrepreneur.

I spent years setting large monthly goals and rarely hitting them. Which left me continuously searching for ways that I could “do more”.

Looking was every possible mindset block that could exist and be potentially keeping me from having this success.

What was I doing wrong?

Countless hours, sleepless nights, and unwavering stress that more than affected my health left me wandering through the insanely large list of things I accomplished on a regular basis, never accepting the fact that it was all actually pretty fucking incredible and was doing a TON and my income was steady and/increasing monthly.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was and I was excited. I wasn’t miserable but I certainly was putting ridiculously obnoxious pressure on myself….constantly. and not fully accepting any of those wins.

Be better.
Do more.
More content.
More followers.
More space for more clients.

Guess what? Always filling your mind and schedule with things that can create “more” wasn’t working for me. Not even a little bit.

For years the people who got to see behind the scenes of my business would tell me how impressed they were with how much I actually produced, while still having time to do life too.

I never believed them.

I would think “Well, maybe that’s a lot to them but according to what I know I’m capable of, that’s not enough.”

Um. Can you say fucked up standards and expectations of oneself?!

This is something I’ve been working on with my amazing team of mindfulness, spiritual, and mental health professionals for several years now and it was just about 6 months ago that I realized part of this was that voice in the very back saying “if I was doing enough, I’d be well over 6figures by now”.

Newsflash, 2019 I was. 2020 was just a teeny bit more.

I’m sorry but for a girl with just her brain and talents to go out into the world and generate a good income for 6 freaking years off HER MIND only is something that I should be proud of.

But I didn’t acknowledge it. Because 10k months were for beginners and I was no longer a beginner.

Another newsflash… I’ve plenty of hit 10k months and continue to do so.. Maybe it’s not every single month but really? That little detail, that little fear based belief that a bad coach sholved down my throat all those years ago planted that big of a seed that I over looked it.

Could I be making 1mil a year by now? Yes. Yes I could.

Am I on my way to that plan with what we are doing? Yes, yes we are.

But guess what? That’s no longer the point and it never should have been.

A million bucks doesn’t mean shit if you’re not proud of it, if you don’t take the time to acknowledge how amazing you are along the way because truth is, I’ve coached the millionaire that put everything else aside and only worked on the business while everything else suffered and he crumbled. When he found me, investing 2k was big for him..Yes, big for the guy who grossed a million. And he was in shambles because that fancy flashy number the internet keeps talking about didn’t deliver any of the things he was searching for.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent there for a minute. My point here is this:


Be aware of how much one seemingly little belief if accepted by you can affect your mindset. And for a long ass time.

AND stay away from gurus and coaches and motivational speakers on YouTube that are yelling at you about how you’re “Not Doing Enough” because fuck that and fuck them.

That shit is damaging and those guys sure aren’t around to help keep you together and moving forward after they got their rocks off by breaking you down.

Find a supportive Coach. Someone who values you. Someone who values mindset. Someone who respects balance. Someone who never makes you feel small or feared into listening to them.

Unpopular truth: that’s how cowards get their clients and you don’t want to be coached by someone like that.

Long term, overall: it will put you further behind.

Success means whatever you want it to mean.

And that doesn’t have to come from “chasing a mil” or working every waking hour until you can’t see straight. That’s now what this is supposed to be, remember? Don’t let anyone get that twisted for you.

The end. 

2 thoughts on “Not Doing Enough?

  1. Jamie,

    You’re are a inspiration!! I love hearing all of your stories. You’ve come so far and I’m so fucking proud of you! I’m honored to have you as my coach

    Liked by 1 person

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