When did it become so normal to apologize for our success? Frankly, we apologize for entirely too much. So much so that the value of the words “I’m sorry” doesn’t really hold much merit in a lot of situations.

When did “I’m not available at that time, I’m sorry” become the way we all auto respond to things that don’t fit specifically into someone else’s request? 

Whelp- It’s all very ass backwards if you ask me and it’s time it starts to shift.

But how do we do that? It starts with understanding more about what I’m talking about (learn more at my latest podcast episode).

We have to stop expecting others to bend due to our emergency. 

We have to stop being so demanding of other people’s time and thinking we’re so entitled that they should always do whatever necessary to make it work for us.

Basically, we have to stop looking at everything so damn one-sided. 

Can you do me a favor and give this episode a list? It’s important.

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