About 4 years ago I realized that this was not the way. Busy as a badge of honor is one of the most ass-backwards things you could do.

Here’s the deal. I’m an over-worker by nature. I have to actively keep myself balanced or I will work unnecessarily long hours and everything else in my life will suffer.

I lived on that cycle for most of my life, I get it. You probably don’t know how else to be. Or you hear me talk about living life on your terms, having time for everything you actually need and WANT to do, and replacing the chaos with calm and think.. “Ya, cool story bro. That’s not possible in my life Jamie.”

I get it, you think I couldn’t possibly help you, with everything that’s on your plate, everything you want to accomplish, everything you’re striving for but in some areas keep missing. All of the busy and chaos and hustle grind in your life is super necessary and there is no other way. Ya, so do most of my clients until they finally quit fighting their own lives and choose to take a step in the other direction.

That’s my purpose.

I want you to break glass ceilings. I want you to achieve massive things. I want you to make all of the money.

AND I also want you to be healthy. I also want you to have a relationship with the people who are important to you. I also want you to have a relationship with yourself. I also want you to enjoy this life that you’ve been working so hard for. I want you to be happy.

Something I know to be true is that if you’re not making intentional space for each area, with purpose behind it then eventually your house of cards will fall down around you.

What I also know to be true is that it’s not as simple as, “Hey, here make a list of four things from each area and mark them off the list each day.” That doesn’t work either. That at it’s core is busy-work.

Busy work is not something we want to put our time and energy into, effective things? yes. that’s where our time is best spent.

So, whether it’s Operation: DO (my coaching group), snagging one of the last 1:1 spots I have available or finding another coach that can help you create and keep balance to thrive, Don’t you think it’s time to see what else life could be like?

If you’re still reading… I think you know you should. It can be as simple as a choice my friend ❤

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