Last week I found myself sitting in a quiet room housed within a building that was created in 1875 alongside the river in a small town that feels like it had to be here when America first started.

I knew I had a deadline that I was already past to deliver the latest podcast episode and then it dawned on me that I did not bring my ‘podcast notebook’ with me. 


Shit. Now what?

As I thought there, thinking of what I wanted to spend my time talking with you about, something to bring value to your life I realized, I just wanted to talk and see what happened.


The days before this were a bit of a whirlwind and no matter how long I’ve practiced being an extremely present human being I’m still amazed at how many twists and turns each day can have in it. 


It all feels like a gift…


When it used to feel like a source of overwhelm. 


So I sat down at this little kitchen table, cold toes on a concrete floor and the world’s smallest coffee cup and hit record. 


It’s a little different than our normal episode but I went with it and I believe it turned out to be something worth listening to. A reminder to the powerful and important part we all play here in this reality. 


Give it a listen here.


Comment below your thoughts and any requests for topics on upcoming episodes.

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