More and more frequently I’ve found myself in conversations with various people from all different walks of life about things they’re noticing make them feel overly drained or zoned out.


One of my friends said “I always feel like I’m more dumb and a zombie after scrolling”. 


I went on to explain to her how normal that actually is (these days at least) and how it’s actually a massive exchange of energy that’s happening that we’re really not recognizing, therefore not making different choices OR giving that action the space it deserves without draining the life out of you.


This exchange happens everywhere. In conversations, interactions, tweets, DMs, texts, phone calls, and actual actions. You name it, there is an energy exchanged during it, or at least some sort of an output. 


I learned that in the work that I do, honoring the energy exchange is one of the most important things I could do. 


I won’t lie, it’s been a process but a very lucrative one. 


I decided to record a podcast episode about this to go a little deeper on the subject and shine a light on ways that this is probably affecting you personally and ways through mindfulness you can start to approach things differently to honor that energy exchange.


My hope is that this will hit home in some ways and plant a seed that will serve you well in the months to come (and years)!


View Podcast episode here.

Leave any thoughts, comments, or shares below here and let’s have a conversation!!

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