I’m a car girl.

Always have been.

I like them all. Trucks, Jeeps, cars, motorcycles. I like them lifted and/or loud. I like them unique and fun.

When someone asks me what my dream car is, I answer with a list. Ha! (Can you relate?)

I don’t have just one. I’m not good at picking just one favorite of anything really. I like to enjoy too many things for that kind of shit.

Some of my earliest memories are of me standing around a truck or motorcycle with my Dad and his friends. That’s something I’m just comfortable with. It was no surprise to my people that I went into the automotive business and stayed there the way that I did. It just fit.

The cool thing is since I left the industry and went out on my own I have had the privilege of working with over 8 other shops to help them get more profitable and streamlined.

In fact, I currently work with two. One that’s automotive repair, when I first met him, this shop was just an idea. That was roughly 3 years ago, now he owns his own place and more than tripled sales in 2020. HUGE win.

My other auto guy is one I’ve worked with since the beginning of my biz. The stories I have about what he has built is way more than I can share here but he’s just getting started.

It’s truly an honor to be trusted by these men to have my hands inside of the inner workings of their businesses (and lives).

What they don’t know is how much of a breath of fresh air it is to talk to them each week. The shop talk, sharing my brilliance of knowledge from my days in a shop, it’s so fun for me and a place I cherish being able to plug into the way they allow me to.

Basically, I have the best job ever and I wanted to share a little more about what that kind of looks like. People assume I only work with women, which is actually the opposite from the truth.

I really just like to keep you on your toes😏😉.

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