When your team becomes your family. ❤

It’s been such an interesting ride in building a virtual business these past 6 years. I remember when the thought of working with a coach or subcontractor that I’d never met before felt so foreign, or temporary.

Looking back I realize that due to the way I originally learned that business was “supposed” to be, that is where those beliefs came from.

“Good help is hard to find”
“Finding someone who is reliable is almost impossible”
“Sometimes you just need to find a warm body to fill the chair”

These are all things that I’m sure we’ve all heard a time or two when working in a management position or owning a business. These are things that we believe to be true because, well that’s what everyone says is true.

And maybe you’ve had a few experiences that can support those statements but have you ever stopped to wonder what might happen if you chose to think about it differently?

What if you said to yourself “The perfect person is out there, ready, willing, and able to take on the responsibilities of this position and eager to learn and grow with me!” ? What if that was your narrative instead?

What if you took the time to get extremely clear on exactly what type of person you were looking for? Got clear on what you expected, what part you would play and what part you needed them to play? What if you had extremely clear expectations lined out and were willing to stick to them?

You see, long before I was running my own business I was managing people. Hiring them, firing them, training them, etc. I was 17 when I created my first “new hire packet” and started lining out the best ways to take people who wanted to work and mold the relationship into what we needed it to be. Mutually beneficial.

It’s no wonder that I have a lot of people under my belt that I can say were a pleasure to work with, that I can honestly say did their jobs and were someone I could count on. A lot of them I now see have moved onto bigger and better things and are still using a lot of the skills I taught them when I brought them on in an entry level position and that feels really good.

You see, the reason that most people don’t have success with employees, especially in a support type role is because they’re not willing to invest the time it takes to create that.

Hiring someone to support you and help your business grow has to be about more than just “do this thing” or file that paper. It has to be a relationship. It’s not always easy to navigate, I’ve crossed lines several times in the past that came back to bite me in the ass but lessons learned. I still believe in cultivating a relationship with the people you hire. Having clear boundaries and expectations are huge, as well as STICKING TO THEM. It’s not helpful to anyone if you set an expectation in a job and don’t hold them accountable to said expectation. That just makes for animosity and harbored resentment and ultimately setting yourself and that employee up for failure.

I always say that I hit the jackpot when it comes to finding someone to support me in my online business and that is absolutely the truth. BUT the fact is, our relationship is so powerful and lucrative for the simple fact that we’ve invested in it. I’ve invested in her. I’ve invested a lot of time. She’s invested a lot of time and I’ve compensated her for it. We have learned together. We have grown together and when people ask me why it works so well I tell them because I’m direct.

Not direct like I’m an asshole. I’m direct as in I’m clear about what I’m wanting, when I’m wanting it, and if there is a specific way I want it done I’m direct about that too. If I don’t care how she goes about accomplishing the thing, I say that too. I honor her time and don’t throw shit at her last minute unless something is on fire and in the rare occasion that it is, she handles it because I don’t abuse that position.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It may not be that you can’t find good help, it may be that you’re not a good manager.

The cool thing is, you can work on that. You can work on being a better manager. You can work on getting clear, being a better communicator, and sticking to your boundaries… if you’re willing to invest a bit of time into creating it.

Maybe you didn’t know that’s one of my areas of expertise… maybe you did. But here is your reminder in case this is something you’re interested in expanding on within your self or your business, I’m your girl.

As I say in every area of life, you get to live it on your terms. That remains true the way you cultivate and maintain relationships within your business as well, it all starts with you.

A team is only as strong as its leader 😉

Wondering if it’s time to delegate? Or how to ask for support in your world?
I recorded a podcast specifically for you!

It’s not just the logistics of building a team, no way. It’s how ANY ONE can create their own self evaluation process to determine the what, why, how of asking for help. AND how to actually allow yourself to receive it.

Listen here!

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