Security. What does it really mean to you? Have you ever thought about it? Where does it come from? How do we create it? Or can we truly ever have it?

There are a lot of questions posed by this word that many have never taken the time to think about before. 

Sometimes we go through life grasping for things that make us feel just a little safer or we create defense mechanisms that we think give us security. Is that kind of safety and security actually a ruse? 

This topic was brought up to me recently in terms of what I help people build in the form of a solid foundation within themselves and their businesses. And man, was it a cool moment on seeing another layer to this practice.

So I’ll ask again, what does security look like to you?

Have you ever REALLY thought about it? Or have you just followed along with what everyone always said it’s supposed to be?

Security, stability, foundation. 

It’s time we start thinking about them differently. 

If we started looking at them as something that we can ultimately create for ourselves, then everything shifts. In this my latest podcast episode, I explain a few ways that you can shift things in the way you’re building or operating so that your stability is connected to YOU and it’s not contingent on anyone else.

That’s a powerful move, my friend. 

Because when you create real stability for yourself then you’re able to withstand whatever might be happening around you, and whatever the world might throw your way. You’re prepared in a whole different kind of way to handle it according to what YOU need or want to do with it.

Give this episode a listen, I think it’s a game changer.

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