Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.
-Lao Tzo

I learned a few years ago that the moment I stopped trying to “force” anything with anyone else and focused on mastering myself and only myself that everything… shifted.

And I mean, everything.

Too many people go put themselves through slow torture their entire lives by being overly concerned with what others are doing, saying, or being. It’s not your job to master them. That’s their job. And I promise you that you’re not doing ANYONE a favor by putting that much time into “trying” to “help someone”.

Can you support them? Absolutely.
But you can not master someone else, that’s honestly not even a thing.

And you certainly can’t help anyone if you’re not secure and certain in who you are. Instead, you just continue to keep both of you on the grueling merry-go-round of co-dependency and constantly going from being twisted inside to short lived bliss and then back again.

Your worth should never be measured by someone else’s success.

Break yourself free from that prison that only you can choose to keep yourself in.

Master you.

The people in your life will thank you for the breathing room.

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