I was having a conversation with a client yesterday that said “I wish people would realize that investing in a coach doesn’t really cost you $2k a month, it makes you so more than that $2k. So it’s never like you’re ‘losing’ money or out another expense” and while I appreciate that sentiment and that absolute CAN be the case I had to remind her that unfortunately, that’s not always every person’s experience.

You see, you get out what you’re willing to put in. Just like anywhere else in your life if you don’t stay the course and aren’t willing to trust the system and show up and do your part even though the times that it feels daunting and like nothing is happening… then no, you won’t make more than that $2k back.

It’s not really about the money anyway. At least it shouldn’t be. If you want life to be different, that dollar amount has nothing to do with it. You can’t put a price on quality of life and that’s really what everyone is searching for.

At least the people who come to me anyway. They come to me wanting life to be more. Wanting their business to fit into their lifestyle. Wanting to FEEL different along the way. Looking for a way to make the lifestyle they started their business for in the first place to actually be a predominant part of their reality.

How can you put a price tag on that?

It’s hard. In a world where we are taught to measure our success by the number of dollars coming in versus the number of dollars going out and even more stress is the number of HOURS we’re putting in.

But still, people tense up at the thought of investing money into increasing that too…. Everyone is looking for a guarantee and the truth is, there never is one. The results vary and always will. The time it takes to get that result varies and always will. The one contributing factor will always come down to you showing up, that’s the only guarantee you have.

Having a coach helps keep that in order, keep you focused, keep your eye on the prize while they work to help you through not only the tangible things you’re doing to grow, expand, or find more peace but all of the “other things” that come up along the way that try to throw you off course. Like, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, subconscious programming, fears, old stories, judgment, etc etc etc.

Again I ask, how do you put a price tag on that?

I’m not sure you do but what I am sure of is that there comes a point where you’re ready for it to be different, know that having support in that is the best option and then that dollar amount really becomes less relevant and you figure it out.

At least that’s always been my experience, and the stories I hear from my clients over the years. Something clicks and you go for it, you figure it out.

Then if you show up and trust the process, that $2k or $4k a month stops being fear and is truly realized as an investment to make $5k-10-20 more. It’s a tool then.

That’s a pretty powerful shift because then is when you start to really see that the possibilities can be endless!

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