This girl had no idea what the “idea” she was toying with at that time could turn out to be.

The beginning of living life differently and accepting all of it.
The beginning of living life differently and accepting all of it.

Being whisked away to South Beach, staying in fancy hotels, having people wait on us at the beach, buying custom made hand-beaded dresses for fancy events, sitting poolside at one of the most expensive properties in Miami, eating amazing food every second possible.

I remember feeling like it was all surreal. Awesome, but surreal.

Little did I know that that was just the beginning. The beginning of living life differently and accepting all of it.

Before that, I had only a handful of experiences that looked like something outside of the Midwest, 60 hour weeks, blue collar reality I knew.

Now, I’m not knocking that way of life… not even a little bit. There is nothing I respect more than hardworking people doing what they know. I just always had a feeling that I was supposed to do life differently than anything I had been exposed to my whole life and in my 23rd year, I started to get teasers of just what that could be.

Flash forward 10 years and man! Am I glad I rode the wave, that I followed the nudges, and I leaned into the exceptional uncomfortable spaces that fed that “there’s more” knowingness I had in my bones.

As I’m sure you can see a LOT of things have changed in 10 years physically but the real glow up is in the mind and soul of that girl you see standing there… the expansion.

And this is only the beginning of it really. There’s still so much, so many levels, so much more expansion and I couldn’t be more excited.

Onward and upward, my friend.

If you have that feeling too, don’t stop. It may never actually make sense and that’s okay. Don’t stop. You have that feeling for a reason.

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