We all seem to want more of something… but maybe it feels like an empty desire. One that’s fun to say but doesn’t seem at all like it could ever be a reality. OR maybe it feels sad or discouraging because nothing ever seems to work out right.

There’s never enough money or time or progress… What if I told you that you could flip that narrative and start actually getting more? 

Well– what you track… grows.

More importantly, what you pay attention to grows. 

Here’s what I mean, if we’re not sure of where we’ve been or what is going on in a more black and white, this is reality, factual way then how can we truly take action that propels us forward in the way that we want? How can we know whether or not we are experiencing growth? How and why we make decisions that reflect the growth if we don’t even know if we are having any?

Even worse, when the story we’re telling ourselves is that none of that is happening, or even possible. When we track things, they grow and they give us the data we need to make sure they do. 

My latest episode on The Lifestyle Creation Podcast, I go break this whole process down and show you how you can really, simply start doing this for yourself now. I go through several examples that can help you navigate through the process and start seeing a difference immediately. 

Episode 032- What You Track

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