Accountability. It really is the key everyone is looking for.

Its just not the fake, easy, extra shiny and glittery kind you can buy off the shelf on your way out the store like blame is.

If everyone would stop trying to point fingers, blame others, or try to find some “reason” as to why something is a certain way and realize that accepting the facts of your own involvement, your own choices every moment of every day, then all that crap that you’re piling up around you as the “culprits” would diminish and you could get back to the real situation, YOU.

Life’s a game of choices, friend. And accountability for those choices is where ALL of your power lies right now. The sooner you realize that, that sooner you’ll be able to see that life really CAN be (and IS) up to you and the part you choose to play in every moment you’re presented.

The freedom you’ll find in recognizing this and learning to live with it as a CORE belief above all else, is indescribable.

The problem is, most never know because pointing fingers is easier but let’s not be like “most people” anymore…okay? Change starts with each individual and the ripple effect can be bigger than you could ever imagine.

Dare to remove blame from your game and take the power of your individual choices back… like for real, for real. Even when its hard and weird and ugly. Own it, be honest, and move forward. Self awareness wins above all else, choose it and then watch how your world shifts.

You’ll thank me later.

Real talk…if you’re not sure how to really go about this, let me know. Self awareness is one of my favorite topics and most treasured gifts. I’m happy to help.

Also, my group, Operation: Do is really useful for these topics. Check out what my coaching group is all about by clicking here.

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