What if you were just open to ANY and ALL possibilities in ALL areas of your life?

Well, that one got me good because I could have sworn that I was in fact THAT open.

I believed that I was no longer trying to force the Universe’s hand into only delivering to me in the way that I had lined out and that was it.

The truth is, I have done that in so many ways and in so many places and that has been completely life-changing over the past couple of years. Surrender, remember?

I told you about it. I explained how it works. And how hard it can be. And I got really good at it.

The part I realized when this question was prompted to me yesterday is that old patterns or limiting beliefs die-hard (I knew this, it’s not new, it was just a pretty little reminder in my face, ha!)

For me, this shows up the most in terms of my financial successes. I need more money for something or want to increase my monthly income and my mind goes into “old Jamie” mode sometimes still and starts mapping out specific ways I can get it. I make the space for it. I believe it’s mine. I prepare for it. I do my part. (all of the things that a good little manifestor is supposed to do) so why isn’t it working?

Um because you may have done all of those things BUT you’ve blocked off every single other possible way for it to come to you, except that ONE beautifully mapped out path.

Insert giant eye roll at myself followed by a facepalm.

See, old habit of having to know that HOW kicked in. I would cling to the HOW for dear life back in the day. Because I don’t know about you, but that’s how I was taught.

Sure, doing my part to have the avenues there is a big part of co-creating… Well, it’s a necessary part of it BUT the bigger part is letting go of the how, the “rules”, the only way, and getting comfortable with just being COMPLETELY OPEN to receiving.

This one is hard for most of us. It’s hard for me because I was always a give-give-giver for most of my life. I gave so I wouldn’t have to feel any of the possible bad feelings of not being given back to… aka receiving.

Do you see how it’s all connected? How your awareness is so key?

Because it’s in the noticing of these things that we can keep correcting things, and continue unlearning in the places that continue to try and hold us back.

Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra attention over the next few days on where you too could be doing this and not realizing.


Do your part, and just surrender. No forcing allowed.

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