I haven’t lifted in well over a year.

I’m extremely grateful for my foundation, for what I had built in this body. It’s held strong through over 18 months of deep healing and today when I stepped back into the gym, I was pleasantly surprised by how strong this body still is… even after a very long break.

I’m in awe. And honestly, I had been avoiding this like whoa. After 10 minutes, that old excitement and joy came flowing back over me.

Now the challenge is to take it slow and steady before I start going hard like I used to. I have a solid plan. I know what to do. I’ve been trained by the best. My confidence was just shaken from the absence, that was until I got back under that bar.

Easing back into it will keep me at it and I’m excited to be excited about this again.

Day 1 down.

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