I remember being told that balance didn’t exist. That if I wanted to truly build something I just had to keep my head down and do the work.


Good thing I don’t always follow instructions because that would have never worked. When I did try to operate that way back when I was working a “day job”, it landed me in the hospital more times than one.

The truth is, craving that balance has led me down one of the best paths I could have imagined and as a result, I get to share it with other people so that they can have it too.


Braid balance. 


High producing AND having a life you love.


Good business. Good relationships. Self awareness. Inner peace. Great friendships. A healthy body. Finances in order…the list goes on. If you want to create the map for it, you can have it. But it doesn’t come from only focusing all of your attention into one place until you burnout.

In this week’s episode of The Lifestyle Creation Podcast, we discuss just that. 


The convo went a bit in a different direction that I originally anticipated (which are the best kinds usually) so jump in for some perspectives, a way to stop thinking you’re never doing enough, and some serious outlook on mapping out your responsibilities that you can start doing right now to start braiding balance into your life too.


Check out Episode 28 here:


All links can be found here

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