We all get frazzled sometimes, overwhelmed.

Sometimes all of those plates you have spinning in the air can feel pretty damn daunting. And sometimes the responsibility of all of that and your purpose can feel heavy.


You’re human.
Humans have feelings.
Humans get overwhelmed from time to time.

Trust me, coming from a girl who used to operate like a robot in a lot of ways and just avoid the feelings… it’s not worth it. It will always always always catch up with you at some point in one way or another.

So, feel the frustration.
Feel the overwhelm.
Throw it all in the air if you need to.
Cry it out if you need to.
Yell at the wall if you need to.

Shut it all down for the day and go hide in your bed, go for a drive, or spend two hours reorganizing your pantry or something to get your mind off of it and into something else. Shift the energy away and stop obsessing because that’s not going to help anything either.

Then tomorrow, it’s a new day.

You take a deep breath and you look at it with a fresh set of eyes. You take off just a chunk and you only focus on that. And you stop at a time that allows you to rest and eat and hydrate properly so you can do the same thing tomorrow.

Because “pushing through” all of the time creates burnout and then that frazzled, overwhelmed feeling we don’t want to have too frequently starts to become your normal.

All rooms need your attention if you want to stay on top of the game.

If you want things to pile up around you, push through and work yourself until you can’t stand or keep your eyes open or think straight day after day and until you break or your body shuts you down… Because at some point it will.

Then what? Those mountains feel unbearable and digging through and dismantling them has now become something that is going to take way more time than they would have if you just stopped, put it down when you reached the point (the point we all know we have, we feel it and stop or ignore it, you know what I’m talking about) then the mountain would never have grown in the first place.

Constant overwhelm is a great way to keep running in circles too. You may feel like you’re doing the things but if you’re only moving forward in circles than it’s not really getting you anywhere, is it?

Trust me. I’ve lived this, both scenarios. I have to stay extremely self aware in order to NOT go down into the push through, don’t stop, kill yourself mentality.
And take it from me, it’s much better on the other side.
Life where you stop when you know you need to and come back the next day is the freedom that you’re looking for in the first place.

It’s where the true ability to live life on your terms exists… Not in the “grind”.

The trick? Routine. And respecting the time that is dedicated to work so it doesn’t have to ever bleed over into time that’s for all of the other things.

Balance exists my friend, I’m living proof. And the grass IS freaking greener on this side

Not on the “other” side, but on THIS side. The side where YOU choose to live differently and put yourself AND your goals in all areas first. This is where all of the grass gets watered and you have time to actually enjoy it.

THIS is what I do. This is how I help. This is what I create with my people, the people who know they want more, that more is possible and are sick of running in circles and constantly being overwhelmed all the time. Is that you? Are you ready?

Here’s my application for my private coaching experience.

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