I saw someone say… “Make sure you wear your shoes ladies, there’s glass everywhere.”

And I’m not sure I’ve stopped having since.

YES. Massive glass ceilings busted through today girls.

For any woman, anywhere whos ever achieved something no-one thought you could, did better in a position than they expected you to, rose to the top, dented the universe, or proved that “strong…for a girl” isn’t a thing, were JUST STRONG…. We just made history.

And to not only have a woman, but a woman of color in the history books for all little girls to see and think “hmmm, there’s someone that looks like me. Maybe I could do that too.” THAT, that just has me sobbing, friends for real. SO. POWERFUL.

We should all be proud and humbled and inspired by this.

Now keep making strides girl. Keep being kind. Keep showing your heart and your grit. Keep kicking ass and always always always keep your eye on the prize.

The top doesn’t exist, the possibilities are ENDLESS.
It is safe for YOU to make history one day.

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