“On Wednesdays we wear pink!”


No, I’m just kidding… Well, maybe sometimes I do but that’s not my point. While I was creating my latest podcast episode I just kept saying that in my head the entire time, haha. Insert your favorite Mean Girls quote here!


The truth is On Wednesdays…WE DON’T WORK. 


Well, I do at least. 


After changing everything I could possibly think of to try and stop feeling drained I finally admitted that I might have some serious burnout… Which led to me making a massive change in the way I have been conducting business… and myself.

In this episode I take you down the weird road I’ve been traveling since implementing this new way of operating. The good stuff. The strange stuff. The annoying stuff. And the badass side effects.


All the raw details and insight on how many this could be what you’re looking for. And I just felt extremely called to share it with you here. 


Check out Episode 27 here:


All links can be found here


Give in a listen and see what you find!

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