What to do when people are shitty….


I was in the shower pondering on the way different people approach different situations and I thought about that question; What do you do when people are shitty to you?


Well, I feel like we all may have a go-to reaction that we’ve developed over the years when faced with people being sucky towards us but is that really the best option?

Is reacting the way you always have… helping YOU?


I realized while recording this episode that the way we handle shitty people has a direct result on how much drama we have in our worlds…and how much stress.


In this episode we dive into what to do…or more like what not to do when someone treats you badly…or things are just not going well. 


I think it’s important to understand how and what to do so our quality of life isn’t brought down by someone else’s behavior so dive in with me and let’s shine some light on what we have control over and more importantly, what we shouldn’t. 


Check out Episode 26 here:


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Cha-cha-cha drink from www.twigandfeather.com 

Episode 002 -what’s brought to your table


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