I was finishing a book the other day and it promoted this insane overwhelming feeling of gratitude. One small statement caused me to go into deep thought about intentional living and why it works.


The statement: “This is why we practice”


Mindfulness mainly but all areas fit under the umbrella really. 

Life happens. It happens to all of us and we all have different circumstances BUT we all do get a choice on how we choose to handle it. 


The thing is, you may see someone else and think, “Nothing bad ever happens to them.” but that’s fake news! Life doesn’t go according to planned for anyone, not all of the time anyway…people just handle it differently and that is what you’re seeing. It’s not lack of things happening, it’s lack of letting that win.


And this is why we practice. 


This thought also prompted me to record an episode of my show to discuss further. I share a few very personal experiences and show how having the daily practice I do has allowed me to have shit hit the fan without my world crumbling down around me. 


It’s possible. And it doesn’t take a magic pill but it does require something.


Dive into the episode here to learn more:


All links can be found here


I’d love to hear what you think! Comment below with any questions or thoughts! 


Thank you for being here!

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