Let’s be real, life is always a lot to juggle.

And sometimes trying to stay on top of it all just feels….impossible.

Then you add in all of the things that are happening in the world lately and it just makes it feel even bigger, even more daunting almost.

Learning how to navigate things in these new and different times hasn’t been easy for anyone, whether we care to admit it or not. Things are different. Intentions are different. Proactive behavior has become more necessary than ever and sometimes that feels like a mountain to climb.

Here’s the thing I know to be true– We are capable of navigating anything that life throws at us.

No, I’m not just saying that to make you feel better (or worse for that matter) I’m saying that because it’s a fact that I’ve witnessed first hand so many times that I know it is true, and possible.

During this pandemic, I thought I’d lose some clients. I mean, understandably so if they needed to cut expenses to plan for the unknown, right?

What’s beautiful is that the opposite happened. My clients knew the value of having a sounding board, the value of having someone who could help navigate all of the new, different, and unknown things that were happening. Someone to support them, their staff, and their families.

It’s not much different than when we handle any shift that happens within their businesses or lives, this one was just something that everyone was dealing with.

All things considered, even though it’s been stressful and comfort zones have been pushed, they’ve all come out on the other side of this better.

One who thought he wouldn’t be able to remain open at one point just looked at his reporting and he’s almost at his sales goal for this year… and there’s still 4 months to go! That’s HUGE.

Another took this opportunity to completely restructure how she schedules her day, what clients she wants to serve, and basically uplevel the entire experience for her business. Scary, yes. But without the downtime to regroup, refocus, and forces change in the capacity there’s a good chance this change that needed to happen for the sake of her sanity, her profit, and her physical health may not have happened.

One just bought a house. A freaking house guys! Like WHAT? That was a very long term goal we had set, looking 2-3 years in the distance. But thought manifesting like a mother, creating a new and strict budget for months, and getting really creative with sales options during the shutdown, she was able to jump on a deal of a lifetime with this home for her and her family. Seriously amazing.

And another tightened his team’s trust and loyalty in ways that he didn’t even know where possible. His leadership skills were tested and he soared to the top when it came to proving that his staff was his first priority. It wasn’t easy, actually, it was really freaking difficult but through the process, they all saw the amazing human this man was, even more than they already knew. And now, the business is thriving again. Car counts are back up, new accounts are flowing in, and the shop is full to capacity.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that these past few months have not panned out this way for everyone and my heart goes out to everyone and their own unique situations. Whether it was good or bad, it was hard for everyone. It still IS hard for everyone and I’m so sorry.

My point of sharing these things with you was to show you how valuable having a Coach can be. It’s about building a foundation, something that won’t be broken in a storm. It’s about creating the power and strength within yourself to lead when things get catawampus. It’s about being able to shift when you need to. All things that most people aren’t always capable of without support. And that’s what a good Coach provides. The support. The building blocks. The game plans when we’re down to the last minute of the game and it’s all on the line and we’re not sure what to do. That’s what it is.

If you’ve ever thought about hiring someone and haven’t made the move yet… what are you waiting for really?

It’s not about the investment upfront… it’s about the money you’re obviously leaving on the table without it.

Are you ready to bet on yourself?

I think we can all agree that it’s time.

I’ve opened up 3 spots for new 1:1 clients. There are a few options available. I’ll put the application link here. Or feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

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