Do you only leave reviews when you’re unpleased?

When something didn’t go your way or you feel like you were mistreated?

It seems that there is a large group of people who only utilize the review option online when they are pissed and need to rip an establishment a new one over something.

Is that you?

Or do you leave reviews when you have a GOOD experience too?

If you’re only prompted in your mind to share about your experience with a business if it was shitty, I’d like you to think about what that may be revealing about you, about your state of mind, about your ability to receive, and most importantly look at what you’re attracting with that.
When you reside in a place of judgement and of picking apart every place you go or company you interact with then how can you expect others to be compassionate towards you? Open minded towards their interactions with you. Positive about working with you?

You can’t. You’re not open to it.

In the simplest terms, you’re attracting what you’re putting out there.

In what you think
In what you dwell on
In what you judge
In what you allow to be the source of your rage that day
In what you share on the internet
In the words you say to yourself and to others
All of it is a big freaking magnet my friend.

I’m not saying that you should leave a 5-star review for everywhere you go, even if you didn’t thoroughly enjoy your experience, but what if you were even kind in your lower star reviews? what if you offered constructive criticism versus being proud of yourself for ripping someone apart?

Do you see the ripple effect that comes from that type of share?

It’s massive and beautiful.

It also allows you to vibe higher in the process.

I do encourage you to be quicker to leave reviews for a great experience than a poor one though. Pay it forward. Put that out there and let it boomerang back to you.

ESPECIALLY if you’re a business owner or manager… reviews matter and they’re not something you can pay for. So why wouldn’t you return the favor to others that are in situations just like yours?

Always remember, it takes no intelligence or self control to be an asshole. It’s not something to be proud of.

Strive to be able to be honest and compassionate in all interactions and you’ll quickly learn that being real has nothing to do with being a jerk… in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Those who are real, transparent, and self aware are kind. They are compassionate. They don’t have time for anything else, in fact, behaving that way never even crosses their mind.

Just a little food for thought.

Now, obviously everyone is human and we all have our moments from time to time so before you comment regarding that, keep in mind that I’m not talking about being perfect, I’m offering perspective on why being a jerk isn’t cool, and it never really was. Be better and you’ll get better. After all, it IS a universal law.

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