Having a ring side seat to watch my clients win is something I’ll never get tired of witnessing.

It’s truly an honor.

It’s an honor to be entrusted with their most vulnerable moments, their fears, their worries, their losses, and their moments they see as “not good enough” or not making it.

It’s an honor to be able to hold space for them. To listen. To be their confidant. To be their friend. The voice of comfort and compassion when they need it, as well the voice of reason and truth when that’s what they need instead.

Watching patiently as the pieces I see fall into place, usually before they can fully see it themselves. Guiding along every step of the path, whichever way it may twist and turn. Holding their vision together and elevated FOR them when they are in the muck of it and feeling hopeless.

That, it’s a privilege. And one I do not take lightly.

The responsibility that comes with being in peoples lives the way I get to is something I hold dear to my heart and take very seriously. And I’m extremely proud of that.

People often ask me how I became a Coach. How I got into this line of work and while there is a story and a line of expertise that greatly qualifies me to be where I am, I believe that more than anything I became a Coach because I have a unique ability to help people in all areas and tie it all together for them

And as I grow, they grow.
I know their stories and the experiences that have led them along the way and it makes me an invaluable asset to be able to turn to.
It’s something I’m engulfed in gratitude by.

I can’t always find the words to describe how special my job is, how special my relationships with my clients, their teams, and their families are. But I trust that you can feel the joy when reading this and even if just for a second, it makes you happy too.

I play big in my own ring, in my own area and I enjoy it a lot but being ringside for these incredible humans journeys might just be the best experience I’ve had. Or at least right up there at the top.

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