I often hear from people about how they have a hard time staying motivated, or consistent, or moving forward versus moving around and around in circles.

And I have many questions to get to the bottom of why that keeps happening, instead of what most expect which is for me just to throw a pre-written plan at them and tell them to just use that.

You see, cookie-cutter responses have never worked for me and it’s been my experience that they don’t really work for other people either. But most will just keep accepting that type of advice over and over, continuing to feel like they’re not making real progress (not long-lasting at least) and wondering what must be wrong with them because none of these things are working.

News flash— it’s a lot easier to make a profit if you’re telling the masses that you have a one-size-fits-all answer.

That’s why you see this so much everywhere. Because that approach is easier, more profitable, and keeps you coming back for more.

I’m not about that. It doesn’t feel good to me, never has. Even in my courses or digital products you’ll never find a “here, this is the one and only answer to what you’re looking for” type of teaching. I don’t believe in it.

Mainly because I know it doesn’t really work.

Not for the type of change I want to help people create….

You know the kind that lasts. The kind you keep building on and keep growing with. That life-altering, live on your own terms kind of thing.

That comes from figuring out what makes you tick.

It comes from jumping in, starting somewhere, and then tweaking regularly along the way until you find what works for you.

In a lot of cases, there’s something else that’s stopping you from really sticking to the plan, from really staying the course to get to the next stepping stone you have your eye on.

For example; I have a client who has a continuous goal of getting back down to a lower weight and stronger physique. The progress starts and then stops, repeat. A cycle that if we’re being honest, we all know too well.

We write out the plans, the steps, and create the accountability. But something keeps stopping him from getting to that next stage of the game in the category.

Which leads us to the thing that makes us tick, the thing that’s lying sneakily underneath, silently sabotaging us along the way is usually NOT super pretty to look at. And frankly, the majority are not willing to look that shit in the face, ever.

Hence, the merry-go-round most reside on long term instead.

When we break down WHY the hurdle keeps getting missed, we can move THROUGH it and get to the other side.

Not under it. Not around it. Not avoiding it. Not pretending like it’s not there. But facing it, defusing it, and going through the thing so we take away all of its power so it stops showing up over and over again trying to keep us in the same spot we don’t want to be in.

Back to the example; Last time my client was fit, healthy, and in the shape he wants… he was really very unhappy in the other areas of his life.

To make a long story really short; Fit/Healthy is associated with Unhappy/Bad relationship

That’s the belief that’s lying deep under the surface.

Something that feels silly and uncomfortable to admit. But something that is truly real, truly a real part of how our brains work to do its part to keep us “safe”.

So that hurdle we keep missing? It’s not about the time, the diet, or the plan. It’s about the underlying factor that no one wanted to expose, let alone admit or deal with.

Defuse that thing, that sting, that limiting belief and then there’s nothing stopping you.

There’s obviously other work involved to re-write the subconscious belief and replace it with new, productive, supportive ones but that’s a whole other topic.

So I wanted to leave you with this; do you know what makes you tick?

Have you been willing to look below the surface to really get to the root?

Just something to ponder on.

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