Since I was, well as long as I can remember actually… these trees have been in my dreams, in my visions, and ultimately seem to be a part of my soul. Perhaps a part of a story I already lived or a part of one yet to come.
My soul book will be written looking out on these trees, I’ve seen it very clearly several times.
My mind gym, the place I created while in a hypnotic state exists among these magical trees.

I visit them regularly in my dream state.
They stop me dead in my tracks and everything inside me feels at home.
Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve stood for 100’s of years, survived all of the storms, all of the changes, all of the circumstances that probably should have resulted in their fall but instead they stand. Untouched. Unaffected. Still shining. Still mysterious. Still magical. Still beautiful. And still showing that power lies in deep roots.
I feel all of that in my soul.
And I always have.
I am her.
And she is me.
I’m not sure at this point if I’ll live among her or just continue to visit from time to time, I’ll leave that up to time to sort out. But I do believe that nothing presents itself by chance and I’m here to flow with that as it unfolds.
Beautiful and grateful don’t even begin to describe it.

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