Dear People who are posting about George Floyd’s rap sheet and saying things like “Why are you making HIM your martyr?” Please take a moment to read this.
First of all, let’s have a little vocabulary lesson. The word Martyr is defined as a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.
Um… Is that what you’re seeing happen here?
Was George suffocated because of his beliefs? Is that what ANYONE is saying?
Have you seen ONE person claim that he is the shining example of what all humans should aspire to be like?

That is NOT what is being said, that is just what you are choosing to hear.
You see his face being painted on shirts, signs, and streets and you assume that means that people who are speaking up MUST be looking to him as a role model when it’s not even about that at all.
George Floyd’s past has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was yet another unarmed black man who was killed by police brutality. His name and his face and his life being taken is an EXAMPLE of what is happening in this country to black people and HAVE been happening for decades.
But, I get it. All of this pisses you off. You think he’s a thug and deserved it?
Bullshit. No one deserves that.
You see, it’s easy to cling to statements like:
“He was a criminal”.
“He was high when he was killed”.
“But rioting and looting isn’t the answer ”.
Then what is the fucking answer Paul? Killing him?
I’m not saying that rioting and looting is the right or okay, I’m just hoping that my previous statement sounds as ridiculous to you as your statements about someones rap sheet in respond to being murdered do to me, or anyone who chooses to look outside of the prejudice, privilege, and utterly close minded way of seeing what is happening right in front of you.
I mean, how much clearer does it need to get?
This isn’t about George. It’s about thousands like him. It’s about a system that is built on a foundation of racism. It’s about so much more than this ONE man and if I could get you to actually HEAR anything that I’m saying it would be this. It’s about all human beings being treated equally.
Yes, something that you believe happened when a piece of paper was signed in 1964 and you’ve have the privilege of living the majority of your days without ever having to face the harsh reality that we are now seeing so clearly.
My hope is that you’ll take a deep breath and lean in here. Lean in and maybe, just maybe choose to see things a little differently than you have been.
I want to believe that we’re better than this.
I want to believe that you’re not so ignorant that you can’t see that things need to change.
I want to believe that you’ll recognize your own prejudice and choose to change.
Can you at least try?
If you’re reading this, if you’re following me, or on my friends list it’s because you know me. Most of you know me personally and whether you’ve watched me grow up or you’ve been here following my compassion and story as I share it on these pages, I hope that you may have enough respect for me to look at this, to watch the videos I’m sharing, the things I’m talking about and see them from the compassion person you know me to be.
Not the angry person down the street. Not the kid of a different color that you don’t trust. Not the angry white man who sits next to you at the bar who’s spewing nothing but hate without any knowledge as to why he’s saying any of the words that he is saying in the first place. Not the woman you barely know who does nothing but share bullshit online about politics and puppies and how if you don’t share this post then God won’t love you anymore.
Don’t let those people be your resource for facts or current events.
Don’t let people like that influence your thoughts and behaviors.
Be better.
Look somewhere real.
Maybe it’s not with me, but do me a favor and look outside of your small lens of reality before you continue to share these ridiculous statements of hate and prejudice.
Don’t you want to be part of the solution?
I want to believe that you do.
Prove me right. ❤

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