Contrary to what most people talking about lifestyle, building a business and being growth minded say… I absolutely enjoy TV.

Disappearing into a show or movie serves my soul in such a beautiful way.

I use it with intention, whether it’s something comfortable to sink into like Gilmore Girls or Dirty Dancing, something to challenge my detail oriented brain like SVU or House, or something new that falls into my love of magic, nature, adventure, or historic monarchs all serve my rest, my inspiration, and my soul in such a beautiful way.

Or re-watching an old sitcom as a way to take a break and eat my lunch for 20 minutes; it serves me and what I’m looking to create.

I always found it funny that so many people act like watching television means you’re not success focused, you’re lazy, and you must not be doing enough because dude, that literally makes no sense to me.

Honestly, without the escape into another land that a show or movie provides me, my brain would be fried for real. It’s different than a book, sometimes I’m so tired from talking, writing, and reading all day that the thought of reading anything makes my head spin and a movie is the perfect fit.

I’m not saying it’s the answer to everything, obviously you need balance and other avenues of release BUT I just wanted to say, watching TV is an excellent tool if used properly. What are you currently watching that you love? Or… what’s your favorite go-to show or movie?

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