Be the Change YOU Wish to See In This World.

(If you’ve found yourself frustrated or overwhelmed with what’s happening in the world right now, this post is for you.)

My go-to, favorite, in my bones, with me from the very beginning quote. It’s such a beautiful part of my journey. Today during meditation I asked to be, to receive, to be filled up, to come home. I asked to hear what I needed at that very moment. My thoughts wandered to current events, people’s behavior I’ve observed lately, MY behavior and I realized how much I do not enjoy this feeling. I was not pleased that that is where my thoughts were going. I know I’m meant to project something different into this world so I kept bringing my mind back to the present, back to center and to keep listening. I opened my eyes to a cloud of beautiful smoke dancing in the light streaming from the window and eyes locked in on this plaque that sits on my desk across the room that says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And instantly I knew. I was covered in a very humbling knowingness that I felt super inclined to share with you.

The dialog in my head, “Duh. Your purpose is so much bigger than the things that have been frustrating you about the world right now”

Truth is, I’ve been pretty angry the past few days. It’s come in waves as I’ve witnessed the behavior of a large chunk of the population and I rarely stay in any emotion for too long so I knew I had something to learn from this. I’ve been very disheartened seeing the lack of responsibility, lack of empathy, and lack of respect for each other and for this planet that I let that nonsense get louder than my purpose.

So this morning it became clear to me WHY I stayed in that emotion for so much longer. I needed to see something else… to be reminded, to share because someone, somewhere needs to hear this, needs to know they’re not alone, and/or have the space to shift it.

Getting upset about someone else’s ignorance, while may feel justified, really solves nothing. Yes, in this instance it allowed me to root deeper, to stand taller, to talk a little louder, to shine brighter because here’s the deal guys,


BUT we can in fact control ourselves.

We can control how we show up, what we offer to the world, what example we set.

Leading by example is huge and taking the platform and position to do so is seriously important.

Sure, maybe you think I’ve lost it when I share about perspective shifts and living life on your terms. Or single-use plastics or how the almond milk industry is damaging our bee population. Or ways to improve our planet, your mental health, or make more money. Maybe you turn up your nose or laugh and wonder to yourself, “who the fuck does she think she is”

And that’s fine.

Because for each of you who think I’m crazy or get annoyed when I sprinkle logic all around and ask you to look at things differently, there’s one other person who shifts.

Who stops fighting,
who loves themselves a little bit more,
who shows up a little differently,
who communicates better,
who buys a reusable bottle and limits their waste (and saves a boatload of money). Who cooks whole foods instead of frozen. Someone is impacted.

And then that person’s example impacts another, and another, and the cycle continues.

So, while it might be easy to get caught up in yelling about what people are doing wrong or questioning the intelligence level of the majority of the human race (especially right now), That’s not how you create change. That’s not how you help anyone.

I know this.
You know this.

But the alternative to shining brighter is usually easier. It’s what the majority do. It’s the path of least resistance.

Or is it?

In my experience, it’s not.

But we’re not told that. We’re not taught to look outside of the box or follow directly in line, even if that line is leading you directly into a cycle of turmoil, stress, more depression, more hurt, etc.

So… maybe just maybe you’ll give yourself the opportunity to find the REAL path of peace and a better way of existing. People might think you’re weird at first, but trust me when I say that the juice is worth the fucking squeeze.

Dare to think differently.
Dare to follow what feels good.
Dare to be a better human every day.
And watch what will happen in your world.

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