Are you one of those people who only gets certain things for certain stores?

Because I am.

I frequent Trader Joe’s and Aldi more than anything BUT neither of them have the oats I like so I go to Dierbergs for those and for fage yogurt because I’m obsessed. AND Annie’s Burritos because also obsessed. (OH, and the local produce stand because they’re unbeatable on produce. Plus it’s the cutest place ever and makes me so happy!) Then there are items that I refuse to purchase anywhere besides Sam’s Club because the price point is just too good to pass up. I mean, I can get a massive bag of coffee beans at Sam’s for roughly the same price as a small, off brand bag at a regular grocery store and I just am not about that life.

I think we all have our things. Things we like from certain places for certain reasons.

My question is, do you let yourself go there? Do you allow showing for these items to be an experience? Or is it a chore?

I remember that I used to dread going to the grocery store. Now, I quite enjoy it.

Mainly because I started acting super intentionally with it. I go at times when it’s not too busy. I go with a mindset of brightening someone’s day. I don’t go if I’m going to be rushed because that feeling is shitty.

I also stopped shopping at the stores that I didn’t like. The stores that felt “icky” to me. Even if that means driving 10 more minutes, I do it. Because the feeling of doing things that bring me JOY is a priority.

I enjoy food. I enjoy being super aware of what I’m buying and why. And ever since I started doing it that way, the game has changed.

Bringing it all up the stairs into my place and putting it all away still isn’t the best BUT when it’s done, it’s so worth it.

Am I saying that I visit 5 different stores every week?


What I’m saying is I plan it out based on what I NEED. What I want for the week or am out of from my inventory. And when I do it that way, I rarely have to visit more than one store a week.

Living your life with a little more intention may take some time to get used to but the slow down that it provides is SO worth it.

Not to mention how much it decreases the stress and chaos in your world.

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