I’ve spoken about the ripple effect before and will continue to do so as it’s such a beautiful way to see the power of your actions, your words, your intentions.

Well, this morning one of my long time clients sent me a message sharing a win that one of her clients sent to her. It was thanking her for teaching her the Wheel of Intentional Living. It was explaining how different her life is now that she’s started making her mornings a priority and how powerful the act of consistent journaling has become in her world.

You see, these are key things in my life that have impacted me so greatly that I share them with anyone I can but especially my private clients because they get to see how week after week, month after month these key items are what allows you to build, to stay on track, to create space, to create anything you want. Even when the desire to rebel against them comes up, I bring them back to these practices and the more they embrace them, the more they thrive.

It’s a beautiful thing.

The importance of journaling before anything else was instilled in me by Katrina Ruth many years ago, a practice that she’s used to build a multi-7 figure empire.

The importance of a morning ritual and space for honoring myself was originally really brought to life for me when working with Britny Jelacic and now I couldn’t live without it.

The importance of balance and living intentionally is something that I formulated through my own study of several different methods and teachings to create the wheel that I believe is the key to living life on your own terms.

And now I know that several of my clients share this Wheel of Intentional living with their people too. Samantha in her own coaching practice, Jessica in her salon as she’s helping activate a spark of joy and healthy living in each person that sits in her chair. And others who I know are sharing these practices in their homes, with their friends, with their families, and I must say, I’m so humbled by all of this. Knowing that there are people out there who I’ve never even met who are being touched by my practices… my heart just explodes!

It’s such a beautiful thing to see the ripple effect that just I have created and to see it carried on through the people I share with so intimately. Then to look back at who started the ripple effect before me, and the people who probably brought it forth in them years before I found them.

It’s just… Amazing. And I’m so grateful for it all.

My friends, what you’re doing matters. What you’re saying is heard and it probably impacting way more people than you know. So, keep shining. Keep leading by example because it’s working.

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