“It wasn’t the toxic things I was putting in my body, it was the toxic STUFF I had in my life.” On one of the hangouts, I recently hosted, one of my clients made a comment about how when he met me his life was drastically different than it is now. Not only was he unhappy with where he was, he was on medication for severe heartburn and reflux issues. At the time, the doc told him it was the way he was eating so he changed his eating habits but the problem persisted so basically it looked like this was just going to be something he would deal with for life.

Flash forward to now, 2 years later and things are very different. He has worked so hard to shed off anything that wasn’t serving him; toxic relationships, a job that was preventing him from doing life the way he wanted, old habits, etc.

Guess what? No more heartburn. No more acid reflux so bad that he couldn’t sleep. No more being angry or having to deal with unhealthy situations.

Coincidence? Nope, I think not.

Does he still have stress? Yes. Absolutely he does. He’s in the second year of a service-based business, it’s a lot to manage and maneuver and it is stressful for sure. BUT this is different. I can only say this because I’ve been there too. The stress that arises when you’re in the space he is, is still uncomfortable but it’s not toxic anymore. There’s a big vision in sight. There’s a different sense of purpose in your life so it’s just different.

The other key thing is keeping the balance. Having someone to keep you accountable when you no longer have a boss to do so. Someone to listen, to check in with, to have your back, even if that just means to remind you how far you’ve come OR remind you what you need to do this week. Or just listen. To bring you back to center when you’re feeling hopeless and can’t see through the veil of grey that sometimes builds up.

I believe that is such a valuable tool to give yourself in any instance and in this particular one, I’d like to believe that I’ve played a significant role in making this complete 180 in a life and no longer having TOXIC as the normal.

I don’t do the work. I just walk alongside you and guide you as I don’t do the work. I just walk alongside you and guide you as I can, as you need. The work, that’s yours to do and I will never take credit for any of that. It is a very rewarding thing to hear someone reflect back on their journey and recognize that while they may have hired you for business coaching, it was the holistic approach to the whole picture that really impacts everything the most.

Building a successful business is cool, but not if it’s sucking the life out of you, not if it’s not sustainable, not if you lose yourself in the process.
That happens to the majority. All of the focus goes to one area instead of the whole wheel..then the wheel no longer turns and things start to fall apart. Maybe not at first, but eventually they will. It’s quite inevitable.

I’m here to tell you that it can be different. It can be a beautiful experience. Once that brings it all together in a way that you only daydreamed was possible.

If you’re ready to start down that path, I’m here.

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