A lot has changed recently. What used to be normal isn’t present anymore and now a lot of us are left scrambling trying to figure out how we’re supposed to exist now. There are a lot of emotions coming up, some of which we’re feeling all in the same hour right now…some that we’ve never really faced before. It’s all a new reality to navigate. 


I realized that in this time I could really offer a place for you to plug in and get some insights, maybe even some comfort in not only understanding a little more what’s going on within us all as human beings due to things shifting, but also ways that you can make sure you’re taking care of what’s most important right now, YOU. 

In this week’s episode of the Lifestyle Creation Podcast, we talk about everything from facing emotions, juggling tasks, being at home, boredom, and seeking a much needed connection. Connection with ourselves, with this Earth, and with other humans. 


I want to offer some perspective on how to make the most of this, how to see this as a liberating experience, not an imprisoning one. 


Join me for a good conversation: plug in for the next 40 minutes and let’s talk!

Check out the latest episode at one of these links below:





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