I was on a call with a friend who lives across the country last night, she and I were pointing out things that we’ve been extremely grateful for during the past two weeks with what is going on in the world right now and one that we both agreed on was the ability to cook and prepare meals.

It hit me last week that there is a large majority of Americans that do not know how to cook, like… not even boil an egg.

It made me realize a different level of panic they may have felt in those moments that others may not have, like an actual thought of “how am I going to eat”.

My hope is that if that’s you, you’ve spent time utilizing Pinterest, watching YouTube videos, or calling your Mom/Aunt/friend and asking for advice so you can learn such a valuable skill as to provide yourself with a nourishing meal to eat when all of the restaurants are closed.

As many people may be in this time, I find myself taking inventory of the places that I’m prepared but more importantly, the places where I could be MORE prepared for when the unexpected happens.

Being a warrior in the garden is something I’ve taken seriously for years. Being prepared and knowing ways to survive have been a high priority in my world but it’s also brought to light some things that I wasn’t fully doing and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Something I’d love to challenge you to do right now is not waste anything. Those bananas that are about to go bad on your counter? Make bread with them or peel them and put them in a bag and place in the freezer to use for smoothies. Do something with them besides throwing them away.

Imagine if we were more mindful of the things that we have in front of us and chose to be intentional with how we use it to nourish our bodies or minds. Imagine how different our daily experience would be if that was the norm for more people.

Remember back last week when we all got the reality check that food IS a luxury? That it’s not just something that’s always there on the shelf no matter what?

Don’t lose sight of that thought, please. Let it continue to shift your perspective into a place of gratitude and be humbled by it. Allow it to continue to require you to be intentional with how you’re navigating life.

I’ll be sharing more details on ways that I’ve reduced my waste and upped my food stock.

Share anything you’ve been doing in the comments section, below!

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