Fun facts you might not know about me:

My daily driver is a 6 speed.

I thoroughly enjoy rock crawling in my Jeep, and I’m actually pretty good at it–mudding used to be my jam but the clean up isn’t worth it to me anymore.

I was 17 before I ever flew on an airplane.

I really love to fish.

I buy myself fresh flowers all the time and somehow I always seem to make them last for at least a month.

This photo (see featured image) was taken somewhere around 2017, I was 2 years into running my business online and invited to attend an event with my coach Susie Romans. That was my 4th business trip to Vegas that year.

I grind fresh coffee beans every morning.

I can drive a Bobcat.

I can normally match which car outside is yours after we meet. Not out of judgement, just from pure observation.

I’ve been drinking bullet proof coffee every single morning for 4 years, even when I travel.
My version of BPC consists of butter, natural vanilla creamer, collagen peptides, and MCT oil.

I used to wear my hair exactly like Jennifer Aniston and I did it for YEARS with a few different styles.

Bonnie is the only small dog I’ve ever had.

I handmade my dress for junior prom, without any pattern and still really love to sew.

I believe in the power of goosebumps.

Tell me something random and interesting about you!

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