You may have heard me talk about how daydreaming is a large part of my daily ritual. Yep, daydreaming.

That’s the term I enjoy, it’s what feels lovely to me. When I sit in my quiet space in the morning I let my mind wander for a while. Sometimes I look around my room and am just filled with gratitude for this space, I notice the books, the candles, the little pieces of my journey I have strategically placed all around me and it makes my soul smile.

Sometimes I reflect back on where I’ve been. Like in this photo (see featured image). It was taken a couple of years ago at my old house, in my beautiful office. I was the fittest Iv’e ever been. I was peeling back more layers than I knew I had and I was helping so many people. In the midst of a massive awakening and beaming with light. That smile was so genuine. Reflecting back on where I’ve been and the path that’s led me to where I am now fills me with so much joy. It strengthens my belief, my faith in this thing called life and in the trust I’ve put into allowing the Universe to guide me along the way.

Sometimes I think about the future. About how things will continue to blossom, where I’ll travel, who I’ll be with, how I’ll feel. I see myself on the stage or the beach. I feel the feelings of it all and I smile, sometimes I cry tears of happiness. One of my favorites is when I see my book. This one lights me up in such a different way than most. You see, I’ve been wanting to be a published author for as long as I can remember. I have several books in the works and seeing the book in my hand, the book on a shelf at the airport, on a display board at a book launch party. That’s one of my favorite visions. That book that’s always being birthed is yet another thing I’m trusting in my guts to guide me on when is the right time. The right time to let it all out. The right time to release it to the world.

Truth is, now is not that time. But I know that I’ll know when it is. I’ll hear that whisper in my ear and with ease and flow it will come to life.

Because you see, these daydreams I speak of… that’s magic at it’s finest. Feeling in to the moments. Appreciating what you have already. Believing that it’s real and yours is why it will come to be.

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