The last few days I’ve been hit in so many different directions.

I rarely actually let things get my down for long because I can see the divine timing, I can see the reasons, I can feel that even though some things are hard or heavy, they will be okay. and just because one thing is heavy, doesn’t mean everything is heavy.

I think we forget that sometimes, that just because one thing isn’t going great or hurts you, that doesn’t mean everything else automatically sucks too.

Today, that was a little hard for me to fully see. It came from so many angles it was hard to feel anything other than “people fucking suck” and if you knew about all of the avenues and all of the things, you’d concur.

BUT that doesn’t mean everything is tainted.

I still have so many great things. We all can find good things, IF we choose to look for them.

Example, I have had this really sad thing happening for several weeks now. Something that’s not life altering or anything but something that has caught me off guard, and continues to do so. It just kind of exists in the background, it’s present whether I want it to be or not. It has been since the first time it entered into my world. That’s the weird thing about soul contracts, You don’t have control over them and they simply just aren’t easy sometimes but they’re there. And then they’re present, sometimes there is no way to shut them off. And yes, I’m sad. I’m disappointed. I’m confused, but instead of harboring those feelings or assuming that those are the only feelings or things present I choose to look at the beauty. The beauty in existing in this way. The magic of the connection and the moments that were shared and confirmed and while there is still a part of sadness, there IS in fact more light and magic there and that overshadows it all.

We all have situations like this. I could type out the light side of dark moments from today in five different specific scenarios but I’m just going to leave you with this…

Please take a moment, look at the responsibility for your own position in things, then sit down, look around and find the pieces, identify them. Look at the light ones and the dark ones equally. Feel both. Experience both. Don’t cling, Don’t blame, just allow it to BE and allow yourself to see it, all of it.

It’s beautiful. And you deserve to see it.

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