“To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.” -Zen proverb

Lately I’ve spent more time in stillness. I’ve learned that on my journey to know myself on a different level, slow has become my preferred place to be.

Even when things are swift or moving quickly, I find myself standing in it all very differently than I have before.

Always listening, rarely responding.

And with that calm has come an accelerated level of joy… in all things.

The control has ceased.
The need to insert myself doesn’t exist anymore and now, I just… am.

Every day I wake up and I am me, whatever that means for that moment, that day, that experience. I show up, stand in my inner knowing and am ME.

No labels, no masks, no things to live up to or prove. It’s been described to me as the beautiful art of being nothing, I’ve not decided what best describes it for me but I’ll leave it as that for now.

What I do know is that I now, more often than not, experience a level of calm I never really knew was possible before. And that is an achievement I’m pretty damn proud of.

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