I pull a card from my beautiful friend Jayme Hanna’s deck and this was the message for me.

Be willing to bite.

As I drove home I pondered all of the ways that statement of encouragement rang true in my world right now.

Several days later, the thoughts are still lingering (that’s when you know the message was really meant for you, when it sticks around for a long while).

While contemplating I starting thinking about my life. I started looking back at the things I’ve done over the past 5 years. The places I’ve been. The friends I’ve made. The friends I’ve lost. The things that have drastically changed and the things that have beautifully remained the same.

It’s all so beautifully intertwined that I can’t help but smile.

It brings forth a lot of emotions though. I sometimes miss when things were just a bit simpler, before I “knew better”. I often times miss faces that I used to turn to regularly as a safe place that I now know no longer are that for me.

But over all of the emotions, good or bad there is a huge smile and an overwhelming warmth within me.

I’ve taken leaps.
I’ve made choices.
I’ve ripped away what I thought I knew.
I’ve stood raw.
I’ve walked through fire.
I’ve survived a comet.
I’ve built a magical existence.
I’ve assisted in the resurrection of businesses and ideas.
I’ve assisted in the birth of others.
And through it all, I’ve chosen to take a bite. I’ve been WILLING to take a bite, take a risk.

So, this card of course couldn’t have come at a better time than now as I’m standing at this new, beautiful tier of expansion and was contemplating if and when to leap yet again. If and when to fully step into this new level of power I’ve unearthed within my existence. “Be willing to bite.” So I did. And here we go deeper and higher than I knew was possible, into things I know I don’t even fully grasp the magic of just yet but here we go. I bite.

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