Contrary to what you may be limiting yourself to believe about your own capabilities, just because you’re “great” at one thing doesn’t mean that you can’t be great at several things.

Personally, I am extremely multifaceted. I’m not saying that to be boastful, I’m just stating what I know to be a fact. I acknowledge the things that I am extremely good at, even if they don’t make sense to you. Even if they are not in what your business book tells you make sense for one person to excel at. And I also equally acknowledge the things that are not my forte.

A couple day ago I was greeted with a super fun conclusion made by someone that because I am skilled in one area that means I’m not qualified in another OR “shouldn’t be doing that” and I honestly laughed so hard. It’s astonishing to me how people put things into so many boxes so quickly.

Then I started to think how limiting that person’s perspective must be if they really believe that each person should only “do” one thing, work with one type of person or business, or can only be good at one thing.

Wow! What a sad way to see the world. What a sad way to exist.

We’re all made to be multifaceted, I believe so at least. I also believe that the majority are walking around with egos so large that they can’t see that maybe that actually CAN be good at several things, instead of trying to put their square peg into a round hole so badly that they’re actually failing to be good at the one round hole thing they’re ego has caused them to harness all of their energy on in the first place.

For fear of being seen, like really being seen? I mean why would you do that to yourself? Let alone put that belief onto other people?

Talk about damaging.

Ya know, the same story remains to be true… those who are threatened or insecure about their own things will also be the first to point fingers or try to dictate the way someone else is or should be.

At the end of that day, I know who I am and what I’m capable of. I know what I’m GREAT at, all of the areas and more importantly, I’ve learned to to use all of those unique skill sets together in a beautiful blended mixture that allows me to holistically help businesses and individuals increase their happiness, their calm, their impact, their income, and all things in between.

Just cause it’s too bright for some to see doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most powerful forces out there. It just means that you’re doing it right. Those who are meant to see it, do. And as a result, we create amazing magic together and we all benefit.

I love this life. And I wish nothing more than the beautiful peace and self acceptance that comes with removing the boxes from all things and simply showing up as YOU in all of your glory, all of your contradictions, and allowing the world to see it all. Because THAT is where the true power is.

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