There’s a lot of buzz around clearing space these days and personally, I’m stoked about that. In a world that has idealized the act of being busy and hustle, it’s important that people are talking about the massive value of creating some space to live life according to how you want to really be living your life. 


Creating space mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically allows you to be so much more self-aware and also provides the ability to be proactive in all areas versus reactive. And in a world that’s praising busy and reactive, the real power lies in the ability to be PROACTIVE. 

It’s not just about clearing space, but learning how to keep it once you’ve created it. Keeping it is what allows you to start living proactively instead.


There’s a lot of talk about the importance of clearing clutter and making space, about how to clear stuff, clutter, data, frustrations. And while I agree that is super important, In this episode we talk about how to make that happen but also how to KEEP it. How to understand the cycle and keep yourself making different choices so you can create a different result that lasts! 


In the latest episode of the Lifestyle Creation Podcast, I go into detail as to why this truly is so important, how you can start creating and clearing space in all ways, and this in my opinion is the most important is how to KEEP IT! 


That’s the missing link that no one is talking about and in this episode, we dive into how you can do that in your own world. 

Let’s create the conversation here on the blog, let me know if you’ve used the Marie Kondo method OR if something else has worked well for you!

Check out the podcast episode here:




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