A woman who is actively changing hearts and minds.

That sounds much better than “influencer” if you ask me.

When I first was put in a position to be able to be heard, I took it seriously. When I first realized that I could teach and help people learn a position or approach something differently, I took it seriously.

It all started in other peoples businesses. It started with training people for support positions, creating processes that served the organization as a whole and then empowering people to take responsibility for their own actions and the roles they were playing.

It all started long before Instagram was a thing or being an Influencer existed.

It all started by being a women who is actively sharing, actively living my truth, actively searching, actively healing, actively experiencing, and then using all of that to actively change hearts, minds, and realities within other individuals.

Maybe it’s just one, maybe it’s thousands, that part doesn’t matter. The mission is the same.

You CAN live life on your terms and if I can help show you the way, I will. That’s my promise to you, that’s my promise to me.

We’re all in this together.
For the seekers. The movers. The ones who seek to positively impact the world. I’m here for it all.

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