WOW. The amount of hate I just witnessed in looking at two ads for women targeted products is sickening.

You guys think that this only happens on things like Superbowl half time shows then you’re sadly mistaken.

It happens all the time.

Taylor Swift said something people didn’t like and over 1 million people tweeted hateful comments about it.

Gwenyth Paltrow puts out a funny video of outtakes talking about a new Goop product and women in the comments are ripping her apart for having lines in her forehead, or cursing, or being REAL.

Jennifer Lopez wears sexy clothes in a society where we’re told to express ourselves and love ourselves and be authentic and she’s ripped limb from limb all over social media for days.

This happens to business owners I know. It happens in ads that lightworkers put out there trying to spread love and help people learn more (if they’re interested). It happens on Instagram when a women talks about empowerment and then posts a sexy image or gets breast implants or does something that TRIGGERS someone else.

My question is WHY.

Ask yourself that.

WHY do you feel the need to critique someone? ANYONE, famous or not? Are we that jaded as women that we can’t see that WE are attacking each other way more than any man is?

How do we expect to be treated differently when we jump into the bandwagon of hate, being catty, and childish. It’s ugly. And it’s the exact thing that brings down the overall vibration of this planet and it’s got to fucking stop.

Don’t get me wrong, dudes do it too. It’s horrible too and it’s got to stop.

Do you know how much better your life would be if you spent that energy looking inward instead? If you worked on your own shit instead of adding to the overall hate?

Maybe you don’t want to work on your life, that is your choice but PLEASE put your phone down, don’t send that tweet or text or comment or post if it’s something ugly and hateful. It’s not worth it.

I wish more people would understand the gravity of their statements, of their energy, of what they are putting out into the world and would think before they add to it.

“Are you helping or adding to the problem?”
But what takes self responsibility and awareness… something most don’t choose to possess.

It makes me sad. Really fucking sad.

It also makes me want to shine brighter. So, if you are one of the ones who do take this responsibility seriously, please shine brighter today. Be more kind. Be more real. And let’s try to be louder than the hate any time we get the opportunity.

Be the change.
After all, it all starts with YOU. ME. US. making a choice to be different and trusting that it will spread.

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