Every Monday afternoon I have a video chat with my Therapist.

Once a month I meet with my Psychiatrist.

I also work with an Intuitive Coach and other healers regularly for different things.

My mental health matters to me.
My emotional health is a priority.
I am a priority.

I am constantly evolving and growing. The dive continues to get deeper and the layers continue to peel.

It’s beautiful.
It’s heavy sometimes
Sometimes it’s scary.
Sometimes I don’t want to.
But everytime I show up and open myself up a little bit more.
And everytime, Im insanely grateful I did.

It never stops. There is no arrival point. It’s all cyclical, all all connected.

Please make yourself a priority. It does not make you weak or any less of a leader. It does quite the opposite actually.

Remember the best teachers are also the best students.

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