Just because you know how to fight doesn’t mean you have to.

I’ve spent a lot of my life “fighting” to get to the next thing. Fighting to get recognition. Fighting to figure out what is wrong with my body. Fighting to get respect. Fighting to be seen. Fighting to be heard. Fighting to move out of and past old patterns and situations.

About a year ago, I stopped fighting.

I actually thought I had quit battling a long time before that point but in a moment where things had quite literally gone up in flames around me, I was reminded by a friend, “It’s only a battle if you choose for it to be” and in that moment I realized that while yes, I had stopped battling in most capacities, I still was in ways that I didn’t even notice.

So, I put the sword down and started to take another approach. After all, fighting or battling every day is fucking exhausting. Just saying those words brings my energy and vibe down several notches.

Here’s the thing, just because you know how to wield that sword and battle every demon or warrior that comes your way doesn’t mean you HAVE to. It doesn’t mean that has to be what defines you. It doesn’t mean you have to be in that state or operate with that as your desired position or stance to take.

Do you know where true power comes from?
It comes from KNOWING you can fight and then choosing not to because you can SEE past the moment and see the big picture where choosing not to fight is actually what accelerates everything.
It comes from choosing to stand within your own power and take the path of acceptance and learning to work WITH what’s happening, not against it.

Now I don’t mean you roll over and give up or allow anything to knock you down. I don’t mean you accept things and make no changes and become a “victim of your circumstance”.

What I mean is that you choose to take a different approach.

You take what is actually the more complex path of learning and understanding versus fighting and trying to conquer. The truth is, when you’re trying to conquer, you’re forcing and when you’re forcing even if you may feel as if you’ve won, in reality, you really haven’t won anything except a short-lived sense of accomplishment.

This is why you have probably spent many years and countless hours battling the same fights.

What I mean by choosing not to fight is that you instead choose to work with what is happening, use your knowledge, your skill, your energy, your magic, your intuition to accept things as they are and then in turn work with them in order to alter the state of that reality into your favor.

You may not get that instant gratification piece that you get from “winning” a battle but you’ll miss out on the exhaustion and lower vibration part of that mentality which, once you’ve experienced the alternative, you’ll do anything to avoid.

Instead of instant gratification, you’re building a solid foundation. Something to stand on. Something on YOUR terms. And something that is ultimately sustainable… And I’d venture to say is more of what you’ve actually been seeking all along.

Recently, I’ve recognized that I was still fighting a couple of battles myself. Sneaky ones that were living deep within my make up, deep in my cells, deep in my defense mechanisms. Identifying those and now working to approach them differently has already drastically altered my state of existence here.

You see, I was still battling my body. I was battling against the things it does that don’t make sense to anyone. I was battling the things that no one can figure out. I was still allowing the desire to be “normal” in the way my body functions to be a predominant state of my mind. And that desire drastically lowered my mood, my vibe, and left me feeling defeated. The same defeat I’ve felt for over 10 years. Now I realize that instead of fighting it, I’m going to work WITH it. Take what I know to be true after years of research and use that data to my advantage. I know what makes my body tick, even if it’s a contradiction to anything that makes sense to anyone else. So why fight what I know works? Because I want to be able to live like other people?

Well, in the grand scheme of things that’s the last thing I want to do in every other area of my life so why would I want to continue that within my body?

Talk about an ah-ha moment.

Similar realizations have recently happened around my self-talk and the way I feel about my appearance and skin health, as well as my cycle. I always looked at it in a way that was labeled long before I knew what labeling was. And instead of embracing my own personal situations and what makes my body it’s own unique form of magic, I was rebelling against it. And for what? Because some man somewhere 50 years ago said I was supposed to? Said there was no other way? Because women my entire life have unintentionally affirmed those things to instill a false belief within in me about the way I’m supposed to feel, look, and bleed? That it all has to be a battle?

No. No more.

Acceptance has been in my practice more predominately than anything else these past several weeks and as a result, I’ve been guided to learn more and uncover more about where some of the root “symptoms” I’ve experienced most of my life may actually be coming from.

So once again, I choose to put down the sword and quit fighting what is happening within me. Instead, I choose to learn, listen, and honor what I find. I choose to use that information the way I use all other findings from my study, and flourish because of it.

Because what good is the ability to fight if you don’t also have the ultimate power, which is YOU?

Put down your sword, don’t throw it away but put it down and walk over to the mirror, the true weapon is staring right back at you. Accept that and put your energy there.

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