Sometimes it’s a constant game of calling yourself out. Yep, every time you have a negative thought, or want to ignore a task, or find yourself going down the rabbit hole of fiction after making an assumption.

That work never stops. It’s something you have to actively change, address, and improve on.

Does it get easier? Yes.
Does it ever stop? No.

A lot of my clients ask me after a few months of working together, “When do I get to stop doing my daily mindset work?”

The answer is: never.
Not if you want to keep expanding.
Not if you want to maintain that magic of being present in the moment.
Not if you want to be calm and have more peace.
Not if you want to have better relationships, with others and yourself.
Not if you want to keep having less stress.
Not if you want to… I could keep going on and on and on but the truth is, Mindset work is a daily habit. It has to be. Without stepping foot into that room with intention everyday, all things will start to slip and you’ll feel a lot of those old ugly places start to creep back in.

No, it’s not just affirmations and positive thoughts. It’s way more than that but you have to start somewhere.

Clearing your mind through doing a brain dumping exercise or sitting in silence for 10 minutes each day could be a great place to start.

Because I promise you there is no arrival when it comes to the practice of mindfulness. It’s a way of living, it’s a way of being. And it’s one that will quite literally transform your entire existence if you so choose to allow it to.

What’s your daily mindset practice?

If you want to learn more about this or have more support on this subject, check out Operation: Do by clicking here!

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