**Originally Published January 24th, 2020**

I overspent my energy this week.

It doesn’t mean I overbooked or was too “busy” because that is actually a very different thing.

A while back my therapist told me about how she plans her week, which of course being the planner enthusiast that I am, I was all ears for some insight on how someone else does it. One thing that she explained is how she budgets her energy between the different responsibilities she has. Meaning she determined how many clients she was going to see that week/day based on the other obligations or activities she was going to have as well. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t spending all of her allotted energy on work, leaving an empty tank for her family when she got home.

Considering that our work is similar as far as the energy exchange, I really started to look at the way I plan my calls around this and it’s been an amazing change for me. Truth is, if I’m not intentional about it by the time I’m done with clients and interacting with my channel, I literally have nothing left to give. And throw in tarot readings and the energy is zapped out of me.

It’s not that my clients are draining me in a negative way, not even a little bit. Instead, it’s an energy exchange. I fill them up. I pour out of myself and into them. Sometimes that leaves me feeling energized and excited and sometimes it leaves my brain very mushy. It’s not always something I can plan for but I can plan to not overexert that too much in one day.

Add in being empathetic and super tuned into other people’s energy and it can get complicated to juggle.

Until I started using the energy budgeting method. That has helped tremendously. That and having extremely clear boundaries on when others have access to me has changed things a ton. As well as being super dedicated to a meditation and grounding practice.

This week though, it got away from me. The days were full and any time aside from appointments and clients was spent focused on eating (something else that has taken top priority lately which I will explain later once I have more answers on what’s going on with me health-wise) but needless to say, I overdid it, I over spent. And I knew it by Wednesday morning. It was off and looking forward at the rest of the week, I knew it would continue to be.

And that is okay.

I choose to honor that and learn from it. I choose to be grateful for it and be different as much as I can.

Was it a bad week? Absolutely not.
Would I change the way I feel and experience energy and people? Not even a little bit, it makes my experience in this life so much better and a hell of a lot more magical.

Self-awareness is a beautiful thing.

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