I can’t remember the exact last moment that I realized the frustration I was feeling from this specific instance or recurring question was absolutely a truth and absolutely a result of my own actions (as all results tend to be) but I do remember that it shifted something. The notice that I was getting aggravated by a fact that actually made perfect sense, given the circumstances.

Last week during a mentor session with one of my Coaches, she asked me, “So what are you going to do to create more of what you want this year?”

And the answer was “Talk about how I help people”.

You see, the thing that I noticed was aggravating me was stemmed from the fact that I really don’t talk much about how I help people, about what I do. I talk about what I do for myself, in my own personal growth, in my own personal experiences and I know that through that I’m able to help people who tune in and read my work and listen to my podcasts but what I don’t do very often is talk about how my work helps my clients or how conversations I have with others, suggestions I’m able to give, readings I’m able to share with them help them make changes.

I have buckets of stories that are pretty damn amazing. Things that give me goosebumps every time. Things I’m pretty proud of and very grateful to have been a part of. Things that my clients have created during our work together, things they’ve overcome, worked through, or built.

I’m a storyteller, it’s a part of who I am. It’s something I absolutely love to do and honestly, I’m not sure why I haven’t been sharing these amazing things with you. Other than just not making time for it to flow and sharing it, there is no reason. Other than maybe feeling boastful? But realistically, I don’t think I have a boastful bone in my body. It’s just something that feels icky to me and something I learned years ago just wasn’t my jam so there’s no way these shares would come across that way.

And the really cool part, the MOST important part is by sharing more of these stories I know it can help more people. Maybe simply through the lesson in the share and maybe through realizing that coaching could also help you because you are in fact, not an island and you are not alone and you are not broken or wrong for hurting or struggling or needing help or wanting more.

So, this entry started as a post to share about my amazing work and instead has turned into a promise from me to you. A promise to share more light with you in the form of these stories, other than just my own.

After all, I’m not always in control of what flows out of me. That’s up to the Universe. It’s just up to me to allow the space for it to happen.

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