Truth is, I know the right way to stand to look the most flattering in a photo. I know the angles and what works best for my frame. So, when I started taking the daily progress photo for the #75Hard challenge it was a bit off-putting at first.

Like “whoa, that’s not now I look in photos.” Um, actually YES that IS what you look like in photos, without flexing or posing. I can’t wait to post before and afters when this is all said and done but for now, it’s day 7 and I’ve already started to see a difference.

I haven’t been consistent in the gym in months. When I first moved back to St Louis, I was going through some serious emotional and physical healing. My #1 focus was healing, eating, and taking care of my clients.

In the process I was able to gain back the weight I lost (in a healthy way), totally go to a whole level of consciousness and living than I knew was possible (journey through the darkness for a while there had the most beautiful purpose!) and was finally ready to get started back in the gym. Then my back/shoulder injury flared back up and totally threw things off.

I made excuses. I’ve seen all the doctors, had all the tests but still no answers.

Two years ago I was in a similar situation with my pain and after a lot of trial and error I found a great solution and routine. I know the mixtures of weight training, yoga, stretch, nutrition, chiropractor, massage, and sleep to keep it in check.

Which made going backwards that much more of a gut check… BUT shit happens and here we are. Well on my way to getting back to a place where working out is my friend again, back to a place where I win over the hypoglycemia more than it beats me, a place where the pain is no longer constant and debilitating, a place where my external and physical strength match my mental and emotional capacity.

And I’m so excited!

Until then, I’ll be here with every muscle in my body sore… Hello going from inconsistent workouts to 2 workouts daily!

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