During the weeks approaching the new year, there is a lot of pressure out there to make the right choice when it comes to goals. It seems like the majority is saying that if you don’t make massive goals then you’re not going to achieve any growth and/or success.
The pressure gets louder than the purpose and as a result, a lot of us are left feeling overwhelmed, like we’re not doing enough, and a bit hopeless.

So we pick a big, hairy goal, we try to eat it in one bite every day and by the end of February we’re so backward and down on ourselves that it feels like we’re never going to get any progress at all.
My goal is to help prevent that from being your reality.
I recorded a podcast about this and it went pretty deep down the rabbit hole about why it is probably a smarter reason to ignore all that noise and refocus on what you know you need to do to build a sustainable foundation.
In this episode, we talk about how setting big, hairy goals isn’t always the most productive way to start the new year or any near chapter of your life for that matter.
We go deeper into the ways that you might be mentally f*cking yourself over by trying to reach the top of the mountain in one sprint and how to start looking at the process or journey differently.
It’s important to not only have growth, but also happiness and balance. I believe there is a way to have all of the above and I discuss HOW in this episode.

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